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Social Networking To Gather Story Ideas

Posted by derushaj on November 21, 2007

I’m an active participant in several social networking sites.  I MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.  I also have a LiveJournal page, a tumblr site, and this blog.   Plus my wcco.com/jasonblog page.  Insane.

Anyway, as an experiment, I sent out a blast on facebook and myspace, searching for story ideas.  I wondered how many I’d get, and whether they’d be useful.  I got more than a dozen ideas, at least half of them were really good and actionable.  One of those ideas, I’m working on investigating right now.

For the news tonight, I was working on a story on a crime spree hitting local coffee shops.  I sent out a twitter notice, that I was doing the story, and looking for people’s favorite coffee shops to go shoot video at.  I took one suggestion, and that’s where I shot tonight’s story.

In the old days, journalists had time to work the beat and develop sources.  Today, there’s no reason to not tap into the social networks which many of us are developing for fun.  Don’t abuse it by asking too often.


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Crazy Day At The TV Station

Posted by derushaj on November 17, 2007

I’m a reporter at a Minneapolis TV Station and today was insane.

8:45-10:30am: I spoke to a group of Minnesota Hospital PR people.

1:45 pm: Left For Work

2:30 pm: Attended afternoon meeting

3:30 pm: Departed for Bloomington recycling facility, to shoot 10 p.m. story

4:59 pm: Arrived back at station to tease 10 p.m special project story on the set

5:15 pm: Teased story

6:00 pm: Started logging video for 10 p.m. story on recycling

8:00 pm: Finished writing 10 p.m. story on recycling

8:30 pm: Go to convention center to receive national award from FCCLA.

9:15 pm: Back at station to write web stories for YouTube (special project story) and Recycling story.  Then wrote a blog for YouTube.

10:00 pm: Watched news.

10:20 pm: Left for home.

I’ve spent the past hour setting up my new TiVo HD, so that makes everything in the world right.  The only TV I watch is on TiVo, so it was dumb to have an HD tv and not watch it in Hi-Def.

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WCCO Bridge Collapse Coverage

Posted by derushaj on November 16, 2007

The collapse of the I-35W bridge was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever covered.  I’m doing a presentation on the 35w Bridge collapse to an association of hospital staffers, and I’ve found some videos to share.

My First Broadcast from the Scene: http://www.wcco.com/video/?id=29735@wcco.dayport.com

10pm broadcast: http://www.wcco.com/video/?id=29675@wcco.dayport.com

John Reger live at HCMC: http://www.wcco.com/video/?id=29676@wcco.dayport.com

911 Tapes: http://www.wcco.com/video/?id=30530@wcco.dayport.com

Doctors talking about the bridge collapse: http://www.wcco.com/video/?id=30153@wcco.dayport.com

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